Love where you’re atโœจ

Hi friends! My first two weeks in Thailand have been restful. 

My mom came with me and she stayed for two weeks. We had a restful vacation in Bangkok, getting to know the wonderful city I get to call home for an x amount of time! My mom generously paid for our vacation time because she supports the ministry work I’ll be doing here. (So dont worry none of your guys’ money has been spent). 

Last night (October 24th) I went to a Cafe for English Corner Club with some young adults and Zach Wylie. This is something I’ll be potentially doing one night a week. The conversation went from whats your name to a deep topic real quick. One of the questions Zach asked us was coming from a song lyric from Mumford and Sons, “where you invest your love, you invest your life”. When Zach answered that question for himself, there were answers that 100% related to me. So this post today will answer the “where you invest your love, you invest your life” question. 

I am a lover of the people, aka I love people.  I dont care who you are, I love you. Why? Because God loves me and has commanded that I love His people like He loves them (you included). That’s a big answer and seems like a typical answer at the same time, but I’ll break that down in what that means for myself. 

Over the years of my faith journey, I have seen compassion be built in me, I have seen my heart broken, I have seen it be in the process of being MOLDED, REBUILT and TRANSFORMED, I have seen it become BIGGER than imagined. In all of this, God has put overflowing amounts of love in my heart for people. He has made my heart bigger than I thought I’d like, but am I ever glad He did. Do not get me wrong, I have struggled to learn to love some people because I am human and this can be circumstantially frustrating to do. 

There are many different people in my life, different journies I’ve walked with them, different beliefs, different & similar struggles, different passions, different ethnicities, young as babies and old as however old, all kinds of different. All that I have been given to love. 

Having said all that, how does that apply to me here in THAILAND? Its 100% applicable. I’ll break down how. 

I 100% know I have been called here. I have left the comfort of my own home (Canada), and have moved myself, like immersed myself into South East Asia. Thats not Canada, no where close in terms of culture and where we are on the map. I have left people I love back home to be here. “To be here”, this is where the application comes out.

To be here” means loving Thai people. Means loving them enough to leave the confort of Canada, and come to a foreign country, their country. Even if it’s my second time being here. Loving them looks like respecting their culture and the season they are in right now that’s coming to a close. “To be here” means LOVING who is HERE. Thai people are different, just like Canadians are different to them. God has put a love in my heart for Thai people, a love that I didn’t know I had until last year. A love that grew bigger over my year and a half in Canada, a love that’s continuing to grow as I’M HERE. 

There are Thai people that I could think of right now that are examples of why I do what I do. Why God has called me BACK here. And if leaving my own comfort zone means doing THIS, then put me in coach cause I’m all for it. There are billions of people in this world that God loves just the same, He commanded we do the same. 

This goes for all missionaries, all of you are in different parts of the world. God has called you to those parts, and He’s given you a love for those people. Embrace it and love where you’re at. 

Love where you’re at part 2 coming soon friends. 

Much love! 

abbs โœŒ๐Ÿผ




Hi friends! This is going to be my life in THAILAND in a blog. The highs and lows, the vulnerability, the stories. TODAY is the day it all BEGINS!

Passports and pineapples.. the name is inspired by my phone background aka Pinterest and they are also two of my favorites so dont judge me ):

Today I am thankful for everyone whos been supportive financially, prayerfully, and emotionally. Friends and family have been such cheerleaders up to this point and even ahead. Most of all, Im thankful for a God who PROVIDES, who is consistent in His character and constantly FAITHFUL. He has gotten me this far and I cant imagine how far He’ll take me. This has been and will continue to be a journey of TRUST and dependence, and a TEAM effort with my heavenly Father. This life change is too BIG of a picture to imagine!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m making a move into the amazing land of smiles, Thailand! To do missions. To do what I LOVE. There are youth on my mind who I impatiently wait to reconnect with and do LIFE with. There’s a Thai and Canadian team who I also impatiently wait to reconnect with and do LIFE with, and serve with. 

So follow along with me cause I want to do this with you ALL as well. Pray, support in any way and Id feel encouraged just by that. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Much love! 

abbs โœŒ๐Ÿผ